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How Your Dog's Diet Can Impact Their Dental Health

Dogs need to remove dental plaque, just like people. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to learn how your dog’s diet can impact their dental health.

3 Steps To Safely Switch Your Dog to a New Food

Feeding pets properly is critical for owners. If you want to alter your dog’s meals for the better, follow these steps to safely switch your dog to a new food.

The Most Common Canine Health Problems Related to Diet

Not all pet owners know the most common canine health problems related to diet, but they should. Read this guide to learn about issues to watch out for.

The Benefits of Organic Fresh Dog Food for Your Pup

Owning a dog comes with many responsibilities, including planning mealtimes every day. When dog owners head online or...

Why Protein Is So Important in Your Dog's Diet

To have a good life, dogs need many of the vitamins and nutrients we do. Start reading this helpful guide to discover why protein is vital to your dog’s diet.

Why Human-Grade Dog Food Is Better for Your Dog & Puppy

Human and dog food should follow similar nutritional standards. Dive into this walkthrough to learn why human-grade dog food is better for your dog and puppy.

Wag Tantrum and COVID-19

Like just about everyone else in the world, the Wag Tantrum team has been watching the unfolding COVID-19 situation w...

Destin joins Wag Tantrum

When Destin joined the Wag Tantrum team we were all so excited! But our joy couldn’t match his when he realized hi...

Note from the Founder

I want to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Barbara Marshall. I am the founder of Wag Tantrum, a huma...

The best ingredients for your best friend.

We know that sustaining a knowledge of all of the science behind dog food can be daunting, and we also know that you would do anything to make sure your pup is eating the best food possible, so we’re breaking down all of the facts about our organic dog food (which we can’t wait to deliver straight to your door!).

Why You Should Adopt, Not Shop and Feed Your Pup Wag Tantrum Dog Food

Thanks to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the number of dogs in shelters acros...


As we reflect on our one-year anniversary, we can’t believe the incredible first year that Wag Tantrum has had thanks...


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