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The best ingredients for your best friend.

The best ingredients for your best friend.

At Wag Tantrum, our organic dog food features a blend of the best nutritional ingredients that can positively impact your beloved four-legged family member in many ways – whether it be promoting a healthy weight, heightening levels of physical activity or simply getting your pup's supply of vitamins and nutrients on track. We know that sustaining a knowledge of all of the science behind dog food can be daunting, and we also know that you would do anything to make sure your pup is eating the best food possible, so we’re breaking down all of the facts about our organic dog food (which we can’t wait to deliver straight to your door!).


Let’s talk protein
Perhaps the star of any dog food dish is going to be the meat. The difference between Wag Tantrum and most dog foods you’ll find on the store shelves is that you can easily see and identify the protein in our meals. We only use USDA organic chicken and beef, therefore we have nothing to hide in our meals (unlike those puzzling brown bits you’re accustomed to seeing in the mainstream kibble). Feeding your dog fresh, real protein has a plethora of positive side effects such as a healthier digestive system (did you know that many dogs can’t actually digest a lot of the “protein” included in big-name brands?), healthier and fewer bathroom breaks and also allowing your pup to maintain a steady, healthy weight.


Organic vegetables
Protein isn’t the only ingredient adding nutritional value to your dog’s meal. At Wag Tantrum, we throw in a triad of the freshest organic vegetables to include an array of vitamins and nutrients that would be impossible to find in big-box retailer choices. Our organic carrots, broccoli and squash make up the superhero team that adds flavor, extra protein and important vitamins such as Vitamin E, A and K (just to name a few!). Now I know you’re wondering exactly what these vitamins do for your dog, so let’s break it down:

Vitamin E is essential for the health of your pup’s skin and allergies
Vitamin A promotes healthy sight and dramatically lessens the possibility of blindness
Vitamin K improves a dog’s liver and blood health
Not only do we include vegetables, but we also add a special vitamin blend to ensure your dog receives all of the nutrients needed to sustain a healthy life. We tested, reviewed and studied alongside top animal nutrition experts to make sure our food contained every vital component. 


Healthy grains
Finally, one of the other main ingredients included in our meals is organic brown rice. Not only does it help to round out the flavor and texture, provides a healthy dose of fiber and just the right amount of antioxidants to promote weight loss (or maintain a healthy, steady weight) and stabilize your pup’s blood sugar. Some people might shy away from the use of grains and have been told false information, but we’re sure that this addition is not just safe, but truly beneficial for your furry friend. A healthy grain will help keep your dog satisfied and full in addition to providing nutrient support.

Now that we’ve taken a little deeper dive into the ingredients that make up Wag Tantrum’s delicious, organic dog food, we hope that you feel educated when it comes to making the perfect choice for what to feed your dog. We pride ourselves in having an easy-to-read ingredient list that’s comprised of organic and wholesome foods, with none of the toxic additions. To make life even simpler, we deliver right to your door and even offer a subscription service. Feeling good about what you feed your pup have never been easier. Click here to order now.


Barbara & Lisa Marshall

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