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Why You Should Adopt, Not Shop and Feed Your Pup Wag Tantrum Dog Food

Why You Should Adopt, Not Shop and Feed Your Pup Wag Tantrum Dog Food

Thanks to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the number of dogs in shelters across the nation has hopefully seen a great decrease this month. The ASPCA declared October National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and we couldn’t be happier. We love hearing stories of families heading out to shelters and finding their newest furry family member to bring back to a happy, loving home. While many people opt to buy from breeders or a local pet store, there’s truly nothing like rescuing a dog and giving them a second chance. We’re breaking down some of the facts surrounding adoption and why it just might be one of the best decisions you ever make.


Why adopt?

According to the ASPCA, those who adopt a sheltered dog instead of purchasing one from a breeder or store feel a higher sense of happiness and achievement as they begin to raise their new pet. 1  Not only does the act of adopting make you smile, it benefits your local shelter. Approximately 3.9 million dogs enter shelters nationwide every year, 2  and many shelters continuously face full capacity. Adopting not only gives a deserving dog a new chance at happiness, but it also helps free up shelter space for future dogs in need. There are many ways to find a shelter near you, such as using to find a comprehensive list of all of the animal shelters in your area.


Sadly, I can’t adopt. Is there anything else I can do?

Absolutely! We know that not everyone has the means to bring a new pet into their lives, but there are many ways to help assist the shelters that are doing the diligent work to find homes for pets in need. Donating to animal rescue groups, volunteering your time at a shelter or even fostering lovable pups are excellent ways you can help out without the full-time commitment. We know it to be true that these small acts of kindness can give you an incredible sense of accomplishment, and there’s no better time to get involved than National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.


I adopted a dog! What do I do now?

Congratulations on your newest furry family member! We know it’s exciting to bring your adopted pup home, but we also know how daunting it may seem. There are so many things to consider and decisions to make – what’s the best dog bed, what toys will my dog like and what’s the best food for them? The pet food aisle at your local pet store can be overwhelming. There are dozens of different dog brands lining the shelves that all claim different health benefits and outline various risks. At Wag Tantrum, we wanted to simplify things – not stress you out more. That’s why we created a food with none of the toxic additives, and only the ingredients your dog needs. Often times, adopted dogs can face risk of infection or come to you with existing illnesses. Our organic dog food contains the vitamins, nutrients and protein that your dog will need to heal and grow back to health. We know your schedule will be full with plenty of walks, playtime and more, so we put in the time and did extensive research with top animal nutritionists to create a product that is foolproof and can be delivered right to your door. While you nourish your newly-adopted dog’s heart and soul with love, you can nourish their body with wholesome, delicious food.


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