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Healthy dog food

Beyond Dog Food Delivery: How Dogs Boost Our Health

At Wag Tantrum, our focus may be on providing dog parents with the most nutritious fresh dog food and the most conven...

Wholesome Dog Food, Exercise & 3 Other Dog Health Tips

As dog parents, we want to do all we can to prolong the life of our furry friends. Of course, our goals shouldn’t jus...

The best ingredients for your best friend.

We know that sustaining a knowledge of all of the science behind dog food can be daunting, and we also know that you would do anything to make sure your pup is eating the best food possible, so we’re breaking down all of the facts about our organic dog food (which we can’t wait to deliver straight to your door!).

How Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food Helps Houston Dog Heal

At the time we were creating Wag Tantrum, we realized that an important component of the mix had to be a nutrition option for dogs that were healing. Most patients — human and canine — heal faster and better with a high protein diet as they recover from the trauma of surgery, an accident or medical procedure. From this need, TheraWag was born to help aid and speed the healing process during challenging circumstances for dogs. We recently had the chance to help a sweet Boxer puppy, Holly, on her tough journey to recovery after being left on the side of the road and undergoing major surgery. 

Wag Tantrum Launch Party at The Owl (must see photos!)

This month marked a huge milestone for us. We launched Wag Tantrum and had a wonderful party to celebrate.


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