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How Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food Helps Houston Dog Heal

How Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food Helps Houston Dog Heal

Holly's Story - From Hopeless to Happy

At the time we were creating Wag Tantrum, we realized that an important component of the mix had to be a nutrition option for dogs that were healing. Most patients — human and canine — heal faster and better with a high protein diet as they recover from the trauma of surgery, an accident or medical procedure. From this need, TheraWag was born to help aid and speed the healing process during challenging circumstances for dogs.


As with all Wag Tantrum products, we spent months working alongside animal nutrition experts and are happy to report we had many successful test cases which enabled the launch of TheraWag. This high-protein formula requires a veterinarian prescription, and is designed specifically for dogs recovering from surgery or illness where a high-protein diet is of greatest value. It’s also a water-based diet and helps aid in dehydration after tough surgeries. Packed with an abundance of valuable nutrients and only fresh, simple and organic ingredients, the blend has been clinically proven to help with dogs facing recovery. Organic chicken or organic beef options are available and both include brown rice, squash, carrots, broccoli and added nutrients to ensure the dogs get their daily balance of both protein and vitamins.

“Protein is proven to aid significantly in recovery,” said Veterinarian Mike Huddleston. “I’ve prescribed TheraWag to patients and have been very impressed with the results.”

While we have a soft spot for all the sweet TheraWag success stories we come across, Holly’s in particular has been a special one. Holly is a young boxer that had a tragic start in life when she was left for dead on the side of the road after being hit by a car. She was rescued by Lone Star Boxer Rescue, who asked us to help in her recovery and to foster her until she was ready for adoption.

The initial diagnosis was a pelvis broken in three places, nutrition deficiencies from neglect and heart worms. She underwent surgery to receive a bone plate, but the complications didn’t stop there – soon after surgery Holly’s pelvis became infected. After five days in the intensive care unit, Holly came home only for vets to discover she had a malignant tumor in her ear canal that had to be removed immediately. Fortunately, Holly is a fighter and slowly she made a full recovery.

Immediately following Holly’s surgery, every meal has consisted of TheraWag. The nutrients and high-protein diet have proven to be a huge part of a complete recovery. Her fur is back thick and shiny, her wounds healed and she gained the weight she needs to be healthy.

Best of all, that precious Boxer personality came through as she heals both physically and emotionally. Today, she is a sassy, friendly and funny pup, despite her rough start to life, she’s turning into an absolutely adorable pooch. Once she was healthy, her charisma and charm shone through and she quickly found her forever home. 


Transformations like Holly’s are why we do what we do. We truly believe dogs are family, and that owners should do right by them to keep them healthy, happy and strong. 


Barbara Marshall, co-founder

Lisa Marshall, co-founder

TheraWag is available with a veterinary prescription and can be purchased at Westheimer Animal Clinic Bellaire.

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