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Human Grade Dog Food - Give Your Dog a Healthier Life - NOW (2018)

Human Grade Dog Food - Give Your Dog a Healthier Life - NOW (2018)

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Have you ever actually read the ingredients on the back of your dog’s kibble bag?

Flip it over, and what you find might be shocking (and probably hard to pronounce).

Artificial flavoring, coloring, and preservatives are just a few of the toxic ingredients included in most mainstream dog foods that will leave you wondering what’s safe to feed you a furry family member.

The good news? We’re here to answer your questions when it comes to paying attention to your dog’s diet and feeding them organic, human-grade dog food. 

How do I know whether or not I should go with organic or non-organic?

A study done by the Consumers Union shows data collected from more than 94,000 food samples and 20 different crops, and what researchers found was that organically-grown crops consistently had about one-third as many pesticide residues as the conventionally grown versions. 1

Studies have also shown that organic produce has higher levels of vitamin C, certain minerals, and antioxidants - all shown to protect the body against aging, cardiovascular disease, and cancer in both humans and dogs.

The moral of the story is if you’re looking to reduce pesticides, heavy metals2 and provide your pet the greatest nutrition, sticking to organic is key.  

What’s the difference between human-grade vs. animal grade?

Imagine grinding up all of your food into one big batch, cooking it so long that all the nutrients are pretty much gone, then taking that dried up food and coating it in a greasy substance to disguise the taste and make it pass as flavorful.

Sounds pretty disgusting, right?

That’s exactly the process that happens with many conventional dog foods. They contain cheap, unhealthy ingredients — even deadly ones.

In addition to poor-quality meats, byproducts and synthetic vitamins and minerals, most commercial, dry pet foods contain high-glycemic, genetically-engineered (GE) corn. That is then followed by wheat, white rice or potato — grains and starches that have no place in your pet's diet.

These ingredients create metabolically stressful insulin, glucagon and cortisol spikes throughout the day. The reason many dog food brands use these products is that they are inexpensive, and the companies care less about what’s actually going into your dog’s belly and more about the money that’s coming out of your wallet.

Human Grade Dog Food Healthy

So what should I feed my dog?

It can be daunting to decipher all the options out there – from raw food to dry food and everything in between. Focusing on high-quality ingredients through an organic, human-grade dog food will help your dog achieve optimal health, have better digestibility, increased energy and more.3 
A few helpful tips to help when you’re standing in the aisle at the grocery store trying to decipher “organic” and “natural” labels for both you and your pup: 
Foods safe for human consumption are allowed to contain four types of “organic” claims based on the amount of organic content in the product.

  • 100 percent organic – All ingredients in the product must be certified organic. 
  • USDA organic – 95 percent or more of the product’s ingredients must be certified organic. 
  • Made with organic ingredients – The product must contain a minimum of 70 percent certified organic ingredients. 
  • Ingredients panel listing –  Products containing less than 70 percent certified organic content may list individual organically-produced ingredients on the ingredients panel, but may not make any organic claims on the front of the package. Only products containing 95 percent or more certified organic ingredients are allowed to display the USDA Organic seal on the label.

At Wag Tantrum, we take the guesswork out for you and make sure to pack in all of the nutrients your dog needs, along with protein, veggies and brown rice. This blend results in delicious flavor and a winning combination for optimal health. Our wet food is fully cooked and frozen to preserve nutrition. The best part is, we’re proud to tell you that we are 100 percent organic. 

How do I get Wag Tantrum for my pup?

It’s simple! Head to this link and tell us a little about your dog to get started. From there, you can choose a meal plan and flavor (chicken or beef) and leave the rest up to us. We ship Wag Tantrum frozen directly to your door, so you don’t even have to leave the house. 

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