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meat-based diets

Organic Fresh Dog Food vs Meat-Based Diets (New Resarch) 2018

How Choosing Cooked, Organic Dog Food Over a Raw, Meat-Based Diet Protects Your Pet

Dietary trends are changing not only the way we eat and prepare our food, but also how we select food for our four-legged friends. Whether you’re a pet owner choosing food at the supermarket or the vet’s office, the variety of options is enough to make your head spin.

 meat-based diets

Organic dog food vs. non-organic, dry vs. wet and recently, cooked vs. raw.

With so much debate about how to best nourish our pets, we understand that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – but not to worry, we can help you separate fact from fiction and provide solid support for choosing completely organic, cooked food instead of a raw meat-based diet (RMBD).

Some claim that raw food diets provide better nutrition. How credible are these claims?

While some raw food supporters report that their pets experience better health after switching to raw, there are currently no scientific studies to support their claims.

Organic Dog Food

There are, however, studies pointing to the conclusion that a raw food diet puts dogs at risk for nutritional imbalance. A study conducted in Europe tested 95 homemade raw meat diets for levels of nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A. 1

60 percent of the diets in this study contained significant nutritional imbalances. For raw meat-based diets that are not significantly imbalanced, they may still fall short of the ideal nutrient levels recommended for good health.

Shouldn’t dogs be able to safely eat raw meat? What’s the danger?

In addition to inadequately meeting a dog’s nutritional needs, a raw meat-based diet can actually put their health and your own in danger.

Even if a dog may not become sick after eating raw meat, the raw meat they consume often harbors harmful bacteria.

A study conducted in Canada shows that 20-44 percent of commercial raw meat diets contain strains of salmonella. 2

Even more troubling, salmonella can be released through a pet’s feces for up to 7 days after eating a contaminated meal. 3 Pet owners who come into contact with harmful strains can suffer from salmonella poisoning symptoms including nausea, diarrhea, and bloody stools. 4

Harmful bacteria isn’t the only danger. While bacteria can cause infection, the bones that raw meat is often served with can also pose a threat. Some types of bones can cause fractures to teeth, and worse, can tear or block the esophagus and tissues of the digestive system.

Dogs eat raw meat in the wild. Shouldn’t I feed my pet a similar diet?

Raw meat is a staple in the diet of wild wolves; however, the average lifespan of wolves in the wild is only 6-8 years. 5

In contrast, wolves living in captivity have a longer lifespan – up to 17 years. 6

While this difference may be attributed to other factors besides diet, it shows that a pet owner can’t feed their furry friend the same diet of a wild wolf and expect their pet to live a long, healthy life or have a complete and nutritionally balanced diet.

Some may believe that grains are only added to commercial pet food as fillers and raw meat-based diets are superior because they don’t contain grains, but this is not the case.

Although dogs do need a hearty serving of meat-based protein in their diet, grains provide essential vitamins and minerals and can be an important part of a nutritious diet.

So if a raw meat-based diet isn’t the safest option, what is?

For a dog to maintain optimal health and nutrition, their diet should be cooked and contain items from different food groups – not just meat.

Dogs can enjoy not only the flavors of meat, veggies, and grains such as brown rice, but they can also reap the benefits of improved health.

At Wag Tantrum, we’ve teamed up with veterinarians and dog nutrition experts to create only the best organic, wet dog food – fully cooked, not raw!

Our combination of cooked beef or chicken, organic carrots, broccoli, squash, and brown rice provide a tantalizing and hearty meal that will have your pets’ tails wagging.

Since our carefully balanced formula is cooked and every single ingredient is organic, you can rest easy knowing that your dog is getting the better of a fresh, nutritious diet without the risks that a raw meat diet brings.

Since we ship Wag Tantrum directly to your home, feeding your dog the highest quality cooked food has never been easier.

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