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Taking a Trip With Fido For the Holidays

Taking a Trip With Fido For the Holidays

Taking your dog home for the holidays can be fun for everyone. But, you do need to plan to ensure it is a fun and safe time for all.

Does She Need A Health Certificate?

When crossing some state lines and international borders, your dog my need a health certificate. Before you hit the road, check with your vet and be prepared.

When Traveling By Car…

NEVER leave your pet alone in the car even for a short period of time. It’s too easy for something to wrong — dangerously wrong. And consider restraining your dog in the car. A secure harness or carrier can protect her if you brake or swerve suddenly or get in an accident. It also prevents small dogs from roaming the car and getting into trouble or distracting the driver.

Taking The Plane?

Check with your vet before you make this decision. Air travel can put your dog at risk, especially short-nosed dogs. So work with your vet to make a safe plan. And check with your airline. They will typically charge to ship your pet or even let you carry her on. And they will definitely require a reservation.

Pack for Fido As Well As Yourself

Don’t forget to take your dog’s medical records and any medicines she may be on. If your pooch requires a special diet, make sure you can either obtain it at your destination or take it with you. Some dog foods will deliver directly to your front door, even if it is temporary. Check out Wag Tantrum at They can deliver to just about anyplace you plan to visit. Delicious and nutritious, this 100 percent organic dog food is a great treat for your traveling pet.


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