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Guests Coming for Thanksgiving & Yoiur Dog

Guests Coming for Thanksgiving & Yoiur Dog

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity for far flung family and friends to get together and celebrate. But, the sudden influx of new people to your home can be anxiety inducing for your precious pooch. So, plan ahead and make the trip a fun one for everyone, including your furry friend.

Don’t Let a Dog Bite Ruin the Fun

Any dog can bite. So even though your precious pooch has never exhibited such behavior, help her get through this potentially stressful time with some common sense approaches: slowly introduce her to the guests. You don’t want her to be overwhelmed or frightened when the noise and activity levels go up. If she is still stressed around the guests, put her in a safe, quiet space where she can calm down. Her crate and/or a quiet room away from the activity would be best.

Is Anyone Immuno-compromised?

Some human diseases, medications or treatments can reduce your guests’ ability to tolerate pets, particularly dogs. Make sure anyone planning to join you understands you have a dog so they can take extra precautions as appropriate.

Watch The Exits!

Even dogs who are thrilled to see company coming can become escape artists when doors are inadvertently left open. Make sure Fido doesn’t make a break for it while you’re welcoming hungry guests and collecting coats.

Is Your Dog Microchipped and Tagged?

Accidents happen so make sure if your dog does make an escape that she is wearing identifying tags and her microchip is up-to-date. That way, if she does slip out the back door, getting her back is much more likely.

Be Careful of Festive Decorations

Special holiday displays such as candles and some plants can attract unwanted attention from your pup. Never leave your dog alone with a lit candle and be sure any poisonous plants are out of reach.

Maintain Routines

On special days routines are often upended. That’s hard for your pooch when she’s accustomed to her routine. Help her out by keeping her walk times the same (as much as possible) and feeding normal. Provide delicious and nutritious food that fills her tummy and makes those table treats a bit less enticing. Check out to find 100 percent organic human grade dog food to provide your precious pet a special holiday treat that is good for her!

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