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STOP!!! That trendy diet may be killing your pouch!


 Sophie’s mom is a diet guru. For the past 30 years she’s been hot on the trail of every trendy new diet that came along…The Grapefruit Diet (1971), The Scarsdale Diet (1978), Opra’s Liquid Diet (1988), Atkins Diet (2003), The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet (2010), Gluten Free (2013), Paleo (2014), the list goes on and on.


But when Sophie’s mom began experimenting with Sophie’s dinner there was the potential for some serious consequences. Fortunately, Sophie’s mom checked with her veterinarian before making any drastic changes and here’s what she found out…


Grain Free diets, which have become increasingly popular, can be a disastrous choice. Typically, they exclude common grains like wheat, corn and soy and use alternative ingredients like potatoes, legumes or peas as primary carbohydrate sources. Big Mistake! Recent research suggests a potential link between grain-free diets and increased risk of dilated cardiomyopathy. Poor Sophie! She could have developed a weakened heart muscle with reduced pumping efficiency. Fortunately, Sophie and her mom avoided this problem and they have focused on healthy dog food.


Some breeds are pre-disposed to a syndrome called Taurine Deficiency. This scary problem can crop in some breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels and Newfoundlands. But other breeds don’t seem to be troubled by the amino acid deficiency until they begin eating the wrong food. Once again, grain-free diets seem to be the culprits. Sophie’s mom chooses to keep her healthy with organic dog food.-


Another issue that can creep up is what experts call Nutrient Imbalances. And it’s just what it sounds like…some diets can keep your pooch from getting and absorbing the nutrients necessary for good health and well-being. Once again, Sophie’s mom is making good diet choices for her by opting for a well-balanced healthy dog food.


And watch the salt! Turns out Excessive Salt Intake can be a big problem. Turns out Sophie, like her mom, needs a little salt in her diet…but BE CAREFUL! Excessive salt intake (and in small dogs, very little can be too much!) can lead to fluid retention and increased blood pressure, which strains the heart. Smart pet parents choose healthy dog food for their pets. To get the best of the best look for organic dog food and better yet, fresh dog food delivered right to your front door.


Bottom line? Sophie’s mom needs to be responsible and prioritize her pup’s well-being, including understanding the potential risks to various diets. Research continues to fully understand the relationship between diet and dog heart health, but in the meantime, use your common sense. Feed your dog well-balanced organic dog food carefully cooked with the right balance of nutrition and good taste. Wag Tantrum, 100 percent organic dog food, is a good start. It has all the nutrients your pup needs and none of the baggage that other dog foods have. And take advantage of the Wag Tantrum fresh dog food delivery! Right to your front door! Check it out at






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