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Life’s A Beach! The Ultimate Guide To Taking Your Dog To The Beach!

Life’s A Beach! The Ultimate Guide To Taking Your Dog To The Beach!


It’s hot! It’s sunny! It’s summer! And who doesn’t love a day at the beach when conditions are right? Want to bring your precious pup with you! Great idea…just make sure you keep a few things in mind.


Safety First


Always heck beach regulations and ensure your pup is allowed on the beach. Make sure you are familiar with any rules applying to your dog. Https://


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You and your pup! Saltwater is dehydrating and will upset your stomach and theirs so make sure there’s plenty of clean, cool fresh H2O for both of you.,that%20are%20harmful%20if%20consumed.


Don’t forget the sun screen! Just like you, your pup can get sunburned. Apply pet-safe sunscreen liberally and often, especially on their nose, ears and belly. If shade is available, take advantage of it!



Watch the tides and currents. And remember, not all dogs are swimmers so make sure you are close by at all times.https://tidesand


Beach Essentials


Make sure you have a comfortable collar/harness and leash. Not everyone loves a friendly pooch and you don’t want your pet aggravating the other beach lovers.


Pack plenty of water (see above) and healthy dog food. The great outdoors makes everyone hungry so make sure you have plenty of snacks and organic dog food in the cooler. Fresh frozen food has the added benefit of plenty of hydrating qualities as well…so bring along a bag of Wag Tantrum.


Bring toys and games to play with your pet. Frisbees, floating balls, tennis balls can all be great fun for you and your dog.


Provide shade and shelter for you both. A shaded spot for cool down is ideal for both of you. Plus, sand can get hot, especially in the middle of the day, so provide a shady area to keep tender paws from getting burned.


Water Safety


Remember, not everyone wants to run head first as fast as they can into the water. Introduce your dog gradually so she can see where the shallows are and can navigate the waves.


Always keep a close eye on your dog. As you would with a child, always know where your dog is and what she’s doing. Even confident swimmers can get caught in strong currents. Ensure they don’t venture too far from shore and have a clear path to return.


After Beach Care


A day of fun in the sun and saltwater with plenty of sunscreen is super fun. But you don’t want to irritate anyones’ skin so be sure and rinse off really good (you and Fido) once you’re heading home.


Don’t forget to check for unwanted hitchhikers…ticks and fleas can hide in paws and really just about anywhere so check carefully.


And enjoy! Everyone loves a day at the beach!


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