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Organic Fresh Dog Food: Why It Matters

Organic Fresh Dog Food: Why It Matters

In a world where doggie parents are faced with seemingly endless dog food options, selecting organic dog food is always a smart choice. At Wag Tantrum, our fresh dog food is prepared using only the finest organic ingredients, and we opt for organic for a variety of reasons.

Organic Dog Food Reduces Pesticide & Chemical Exposure

The main reason why most people incorporate organic food into their own human diet is that organic foods are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. When it comes to ingredients such as organic beef or chicken, the animals are fed 100% organic feed that contains no antibiotics or hormones.

The chemicals in pesticides and herbicides are not healthy for humans, and they certainly aren’t healthy for dogs. Dogs have delicate digestive systems, so providing them with foods that do not contain chemicals or preservatives is always the best option to consider.

Additionally, organic meats and poultry also often are raised in healthier, more natural environments than on typical factory farms where animals might be confined to small enclosures throughout the entire course of their lives. All of this is not only more humane, but it also produces better quality meats and vegetables, which means better nutrition for your sweet dog.

Organic Dog Food = Better Quality Ingredients

This can be true, but not always, so it is crucial that you look at your organic dog food label carefully. Dogs pretty much eat the same food every day, and while this is fine as they don’t need the varied diet that humans need, it is essential that you look at the quality of each ingredient that is part of your dog’s diet.

Even a dog food labeled “organic” can still contain unhealthy fillers such as corn, wheat and soy. Many dogs have difficulty processing wheat and soy, and corn has very little nutritional value. It’s far better to select an organic dog food that uses ingredients such as brown rice or quinoa, which is easy for dogs to digest and it contains no gluten, which also can be problematic for some dogs.

Non-organic dog food often contains highly suspect ingredients, but occasionally even organic dog food may contain poor bits of meat, such as bits of bone or poor-quality cuts leftover from processing meat for human consumption. When selecting organic dog food, we recommend selecting a brand that uses only “human-grade” ingredients.

At Wag Tantrum, each ingredient in our fresh dog food has been chosen carefully for its health benefits, but we also source only the highest quality meat and poultry for our dog food. We use USDA-certified organic beef and USDA-certified organic chicken, as well as organic ingredients such as carrots, broccoli, squash, brown rice and quinoa. Our food contains no fillers, no preservatives, no artificial colors and no harmful ingredients – just good nutritious food with limited ingredients.

Organic Dog Food Can Alleviate Allergies

Because organic dog food is produced without pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics, this can be a smart choice for any dog prone to allergies. Gluten-free organic dog food can provide further benefits as many dogs have sensitivities to gluten and even some grains, especially wheat and soy.

Many veterinarians have started recommending fresh dog food (such as Wag Tantrum) over traditional canned food and kibble, even if the latter two options are organic. The main reason is that fresh dog food tends to include human-grade ingredients and usually contains no fillers or preservatives. These fillers and preservatives can cause digestive issues and allergies and possibly even some autoimmune conditions.

Dog parents have discovered that once they made the switch from traditional types of dog food to organic fresh dog food, their dogs scratched less and had fewer digestive issues and, in many cases, this switch to fresh dog food extended their dog’s life significantly.

This is certainly the reason why we switched to fresh dog food and why we created Wag Tantrum. Our precious Lily was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor at just six months old. Additionally, Lily had a very delicate stomach, and most dog food brands made her sick and miserable. Our Wag Tantrum dog food transformed Lily’s life. She was healthier, happier and we enjoyed our furry companion for many more years than we expected, which is what all dog parents want.

Our Dogs Deserve The Best!

As Lord Byron once wrote, “The poor dog, in life the firmest friend. The first to welcome, foremost to defend.” Our sweet furry companions are, indeed, our best friends, and they deserve the finest organic dog food. Not just for their health, which is the top consideration, of course, but also because they give us so much joy. Treating them to delicious cuisine is just one way we can show them a portion of the love they slather upon us.

While our organic dog food is ideal for any dog with digestive issues, allergies or many serious health issues, it’s also dog-approved and even the pickiest eaters love Wag Tantrum. After all, dogs are always clamoring for a bit of our “human” food and with Wag Tantrum, this is exactly what they get to enjoy. However, our dog food doesn’t contain the spices and flavorings in human meals that can upset a dog’s sensitive tummy.

Wag Tantrum is created in small batches to ensure quality, and we exceed the standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This private, non-profit organization sets high-quality standards for animal feed and pet food. We highly recommend that all dog parents select an organic dog food that meets or exceeds AAFCO standards.

Additionally, we add a carefully chosen mix of human pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements to each batch of Wag Tantrum. These nutrients, combined with our carefully chosen ingredients, promote good digestion, joint health, reduce allergies, improve energy and can even prevent problems such as urinary tract issues and other serious ailments.

Switch To Our Fresh Organic Dog Food Today!

We make it easy for your dog to enjoy our delicious, healthy organic dog food. We deliver our gourmet dog food straight to your door and with our convenient automatic re-order system, you’ll always have plenty of food on hand. We have puppy options and adult dog options, and three flavor choices – chicken dog food, beef dog food and beef-quinoa dog food.

Not only can we provide you with healthy organic dog food, delivered right to your door. We’ll even give you 50% off your first order. Just use the code “wag50” upon checkout. If you’re not completely satisfied with Wag Tantrum, we will refund your entire product order. That’s how certain we are that your dog will love and thrive eating our fresh dog food.

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