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3 Steps To Safely Switch Your Dog to a New Food

3 Steps To Safely Switch Your Dog to a New Food

If your pet has an unhealthy diet, changing what they eat every day is critical. Although that sounds simple, switching what a dog eats can have negative side effects if you don’t help their body adjust to the new ingredients. In other words, changing doggy diets takes careful planning. Below, we’ll show you three steps to safely switch your dog to a new food today.

Take It Slow

You can start changing your dog’s diet today, but the transition must be gradual. So allow your pet’s body to adjust and accept the updated meals by slowly changing what’s in their bowl over a week.

On day one, only a quarter of the dog’s food should feature the new ingredients. On day two, you can increase the amount of new food to about 40 percent of the meal.

The following day, your dog’s bowl can be a 50-50 split between the new and old ingredients. Every day after that, you can increase the level of new food by about 15 percent. By day seven, your pup will be ready for an entire bowl of their updated meal.

Keep It Healthy

One of the essential steps to safely switch your dog to a new food is ensuring the food is nutritious enough. What a dog eats substantially impacts its health, from its teeth to its heart and beyond. Therefore, transitioning to a less healthy meal plan is counterproductive.

Don’t worry, though. Finding healthy meals for dogs is as easy as looking into the ingredient list. For instance, Wag Tantrum offers pet owners 100% organic human-grade dog food delivery options. These feature organic ingredients, from the proteins to the produce. It’s delicious, nutritious, and delivered right to your door.

The reason for this is that pets thrive off many of the same ingredients we do, all the way down to the amino acids in meat products that help keep teeth clean and healthy. Before switching dog foods, always consult your veterinarian to ensure you’re making the right move.

Monitor the Dog

Once you begin introducing new dog food into your pet’s diet, keep an eye on how they react. If they seem healthy and lively, that’s fantastic. However, if they show signs of sickness or disinterest in their food, reach out to your vet to discuss possible solutions.

After the first week of adding the new ingredients, you should still monitor your pet’s status until it seems like they’ve become fully acclimated. Then, voila! Your pet’s diet will be different and better than ever. By committing to providing a healthy diet, you keep your dog happy and living its best life.

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