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Send us Your Stories About How our Organic Wet Dog Food Helps Your Pets!

We wouldn’t be the company we are today without countless pets and pet parents supporting us. Please read their stories and share your pet tales with us. Be sure to include a snapshot of your precious pup!

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They All Want a Piece of Reese!

Our story began when I finally gave in to the relentless requests from my boys for a dog.

As a worn-out mom of three teenage boys, I figured the last thing I needed was another kid to care for, but what’s a boy without his dog?

And my kid's hunt and fish, so a Lab to accompany them did make some sense. Puppy Reese came home one chilly winter night and our days have never been the same. She is all we could have asked for and more!

From the start, she’s been a Wag Tantrum girl! And at three years, 50 lbs. and counting, she’s going strong — keeping up with the boys every step of the way!

- Brenda


Healthy Laberdoodle


Pudgy Paddington Takes It Off

I’m not sure how it happened, but I seem to have the only Goldendoodle on the planet with a penchant for long naps on the couch and absolutely NO interest in the exercise of any kind.

Even walking upstairs to bed is a stretch! So when the vet said Paddington need to lose a few pounds, I knew he’d never lose it in the doggie gym!

That’s when we tried Wag Tantrum. Paddington LOVES the taste and because of the high nutritional values, I know that he’s getting all he needs in one, slenderizing serving.

No doubt, he’d love some between-meal-snacks, but he’s getting his youthful figure back, along with some extra vim and vigor, with the help of Adult Wag Tantrum.

- Jackie




Mia Loses Her Molars and Canines But Makes a Come Back with Wag Tantrum Organic Dog Food

Our adorable Chihuahua Mia had to have her teeth pulled out at an advanced age.

The poor pup was suffering horribly with her decayed teeth, but we were very concerned about the surgery and recovery for an older dog.

I am happy to say; today Mia is happy and healthy, sans teeth. But loving her diet of Wag Tantrum. After the surgery, we gave her TheraWag and now we mix Adult Wag with some water to help it go down easy. Mia may be missing her molars but she’s not missing her life! 

- Belinda


Happy, Healthy and Loving Organic Wet Dog Food

Happy, Healthy and Loving Her World 

My girl Pippa has it all! She’s adorable (just check out the photo!), loved, and happy and healthy.

And I’m convinced that her diet is a significant reason for that. As a nurse, I fully appreciate that we are what we eat. And that means our dogs as well.

I feel very strongly that Pippa looks good and feels great because she chows twice a day on Wag Tantrum. She loves the taste! And I love the result.

Our check-ups are easy and she always feels good! Ready to run, swim and play! And then curl up with her mom and take it easy on the couch!

- JP

Pack votes for Wag Tantrum Dog Food

The Pack Votes “Yes for Wag Tantrum Dog Food!

Call me a sucker…we now have four (that’s right, four) dogs.

All collected off the side of the road or from empty lots where they were dumped.


My tenderhearted husband and I just can’t say no to those poor babies who are dirty, scared and hungry.


So, we now have a pack running around the backyard and throughout the house. And we feed everyone Wag Tantrum!
I can’t believe how quickly they transform from dirty, skinny, scared little pups to happy dogs with glossy coats, healthy teeth and grateful personalities that bring such joy to our lives.


I just keep the freezer stocked — its easy with deliveries every two weeks to our home. And the pack looks and feels great!


- Janice


Cleo Loves Wag Tantrum Wet Dog Food


Cleo Still Reigns because of Wag Tantrum Organic Food for Pets


Cleo is my geriatric Yorkshire Terrier. She has been with the family longer than several members and she reigns over the home like the queen she is.


Lately, Cleo has been feeling her age…cataracts and some dementia have set in. But her love of Wag Tantrum continues and she has no trouble finding her bowl when its time to eat.


Cleo may be getting long in the tooth, but her coat is still soft and supple and she navigates the house and big yard at the lake with majestic dignity.


And she still lights up when I walk into the room. Even without her tiara! Can’t ask for more than that! I’m convinced the nutrition she gets with Wag Tantrum is part of the secret to her long reign!


- VR


Wag Tantrum Saved Our Dog


How Wag Tantrum Dog Food Saved Our Dog


My daughter is involved with an animal rescue organization that matches unwanted dogs with no-kill shelters around the country.


Often she takes a lost soul waiting to be transported. And, with a full-time job and busy social life, I typically get the call to walk and feed the dog when she is unavailable.


One day, I opened the crate and out jumped the cutest, most enthusiastic puppy I’d seen in a long time. Winifred (Winnie for short) was small for her age and clearly showing the effects of neglect.


But the sassy gleam in her eye and perky nature worked their magic and pretty soon Winnie was comfortably ensconced in my living room, bedroom, kitchen, backyard.


You get the picture. And she’s a Wag Tantrum girl! She loves the taste and I love the results. Winnie is such a great addition to the family!


- Jane


Happy Dogs because of Wag Tantrum


Happy Pups because of Wag Tantrum


Thank you for the order of your dog food. My two rescues have stopped itching and scratching since eating your food.


As we discussed on the phone, I use your food as a supplement to the prescription dry food they have to prevent further bladder stones.


Thank you again for a great product!








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