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Why Human-Grade Dog Food Is Better for Your Dog & Puppy

Why Human-Grade Dog Food Is Better for Your Dog & Puppy

It’s always fun to present a friend with a delicious-looking cookie, only to pull out the rug from under them and reveal it’s a gourmet dog treat. That’s a funny gag. But there actually is food out there that’s nutritious for both humans and dogs to eat. But this raises a fundamental question—what’s the point of buying human-grade dog meals? Luckily, you can use the information below to learn precisely why human-grade dog food is better for your dog and puppy than other options.

Why Is Human-Grade Food Better for Your Dog and Puppy?

People have only fed dogs and puppies food specifically for them for the past 80 years or so. Before that, most of our dog and puppy companions ate what we did. They waited with great anticipation until dinner was over until the table scraps went into their bowls. Then, commercial dog food companies got into the act and created kibble. There are many problems with kibble. It has limited nutritional value, undergoes cancer-causing processing, and has artificial nutrients. And the facts speak for themselves, as our dogs are developing cancer at alarmingly high rates. In fact, the rise of cancer in dogs closely correlates with the rise of manufactured dog food.

It's Human-Grade AND Organic Food!

All the reasons you choose organic for yourself and your loved ones are the same for your beloved dog and puppy. It’s just better! Our recipes utilize human-grade organic ingredients like chicken, squash, beef, brown rice, quinoa, and carrots. These bring value to the diets of dogs and puppies. The health benefits you enjoy from eating organic foods are the same for your dog and puppy enjoy. They’ll have better digestion, healthy immune systems, strong bones and teeth, improved energy, and overall better health.

There Are No Empty Calories

The term “empty calories” is as serious for our dogs and puppies as it is for us. Most dog foods contain empty fillers that contribute nothing to your pets’ health and wellness. Our human-grade organic food contains NO FILLERS, just healthy proteins, carbs, and vegetables. These combine to give your dog and puppy the nutrition they need for healthy lives. Start your puppy off right with healthy human-grade organic food. Our fresh puppy food delivery will allow you to bring delicious and nutritious food to your puppy. This food will provide the right start for your puppy by contributing to strong bones, healthy muscular development, bright eyes, and shiny coats. As your puppy ages, it can also be an important tool in the battle against obesity!

Finding a Brand for Your Pet

Now that you know why human-grade organic dog food is better for your dog and pup, you can start searching for the perfect option today. You’re looking for human-grade, 100-percent organic food that contains the vitamins and nutrients that the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recommends. Also, check websites for customer reviews and vital nutrition information. Only then can you be sure you’re giving your dogs and puppies the very best nutrition available.

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