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What Is the Definition of Human-Grade Dog Food?

What Is the Definition of Human-Grade Dog Food?

Our pets deserve the best we have to offer, and this includes food. Unfortunately, many common kibble brands are more akin to a diet of fast food than a balanced, healthy diet. Just as you wouldn’t exclusively feed a child fast-food French fries and chicken nuggets, you also shouldn’t feed your precious pup poor-quality kibble. Buying your dog human-grade food can be a great way to ensure they’re getting healthy food.

So what is the definition of human-grade dog food? Let’s take a look at what the titular term means and why it matters.

Human-Grade Dog Food

Human-grade dog food is exactly what it sounds like: food that’s fit for human consumption. The AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) has stringent guidelines for human-grade claims, so it all comes down to living up to those terms. For example, to earn the term “human-grade,” dog food must be safe, suitable for human consumption, and manufactured in a USDA-inspected facility. Furthermore, these facilities must produce only human-grade dog food with processes that are safe for human-grade food.

Suffice it to say, dog food that a manufacturer claims is human grade must be 100 percent human grade. This means that all the individual ingredients must be safely handled in a way that’s suitable for human consumption.

Human-Grade Dog Food vs. Using Human-Grade Ingredients

As people increasingly demand better food for their pampered pooches, they may see some deceptive labeling. The ability to tell the difference requires the ability to answer one simple question: What is the definition of human-grade dog food? Remember, this term covers dog food that contains 100% human-grade ingredients.

That said, many brands have tried to get past labeling requirements by claiming to use human-grade ingredients. Their foods may use one or two ingredients that are handled in a way that makes them human grade, but they do not use only human-grade ingredients. Due to this technicality, their foods are not precisely human grade.

Finding a Reliable Brand

Just like finding the best human food, tracking down excellent human-grade dog food requires finding reliable brands. For example, Wag Tantrum offers human-grade meal plans for dogs, so you’ll always know where to turn for healthy, organic options. In addition, Wag Tantrum’s offerings are 100% human-grade, with several options for ordering.

Simply put, even if you have very specific guidelines to meet with your dog’s diet, dive into the different options a brand offers—the options may be more accommodating than you might expect. After all, your pup deserves the best options available to ensure both their happiness and health. By prioritizing their meal plan today, you can help your pup have a better future.

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