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Pesticides in Dog Food

Pesticides in Dog Food

Study after study are showing that pesticide residues in produce are having a negative impact on health. Just recently researchers from Harvard University found that people who ate greater quantities of crops high in pesticides had higher levels of urinary pesticides which can lead to multiple negative issues including some cancers.

The same is true for your pampered pooch. Pesticide build up in dogs is a real issue and one of the best ways to avoid that is to feed your pet 100% organic dog food

Organic standards prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides, among other things. Eating organically produced food reduces pesticide exposure and is linked to a variety of health benefits including a rapid and dramatic reduction of urinary pesticide concentrations and reduced incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, lower BMI and reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes.

So, give your pooch a leg up in the fight against cancer and include plenty of 100% organic proteins, vegetables and fruits in her daily diet. Serve Wag Tantrum — 100% organic with all the nutrients you pup needs for a happy, healthy life.

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