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Help! My Dog Has Cancer

Help! My Dog Has Cancer

Help! My Dog Has Cancer! What Do I Do?


What a devastating diagnosis. To hear those words from your vet would certainly scare anyone. But remember, you’ve already begun the process to help your pet by getting an accurate diagnosis. Your vet may refer you to a veterinary oncologist or may be able to treat your dog herself. And one of the most important discussions you will have with the primary care giver is how to successfully feed your dog to provide her with the best possible care.


Studies have shown that nutrition alone cannot cure cancer in your dog, but a well-balanced diet tailored to meet his needs can help support overall health, boost their immune system and improve their quality of life.


First, make sure you are feeding your pooch healthy dog food. That means a well-balanced diet with proper nutrients, fresh ingredients, and preferably organic dog food to help reduce exposure to pesticides.;


Then, maintain that balanced diet by focusing on providing fresh ingredients that are rich in essential nutrients including quality proteins (organic chicken or beef), complex carbohydrates (organic brown rice), antioxidant-rich foods (bright colored vegetables and dark berries).;


Next, make sure your precious pooch is properly hydrated. Water is always important but especially when battling cancer.,than%20starvation%2C%20so%20can%20animals.


Proper nutrition plays a vital role in supporting the well-being of dogs with cancer. A balanced diet tailored to their specific needs can help strengthen their immune system, improve their quality of life, and support their overall health. Remember to consult with a veterinary oncologist to develop an appropriate nutrition plan for your dog, based on their individual condition. Fresh dog food delivery can help you out even more by bringing healthy dog food to your front door, so you can focus on time with your precious pooch. Wag Tantrum can bring organic dog food, packed with vital nutrients to help support your dog during her cancer battle.

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