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Dogs and Cars

Dogs and Cars

 Whether it’s over the river and through the woods, a trip to the beach or just a turn around the block there’s something magical about dogs riding in cars. Tails wagging, ears blowing in the breeze or just comfy in the backseat, our furry companions seem to embrace the experience with sheer joy. So what’s up?


The Thrill of Adventure

For dogs, a car ride is an unparalleled adventure. Because of their strong sense of smell, riding in the car brings an array of intriguing scents wafting through the windows. Every passing vehicle, person and tree carries a unique story. The rush of air in their faces and the freedom to see the world beyond their daily routine is exhilarating.


Quality Time and Bonding

Dogs are social animals and being included in our daily activities strengthens the bond between and your pooch. Whether it’s errands around town or an extended road trip, for your pup the companionship and attention you’ll shower on them in the car is the ultimate high.


Safety First

Always restrain your dog in the car. Use a pet seat belt, crate or car harness to secure your pet. This will keep her from distracting you (the driver) and if there is an accident, she will not fly through the car and injure herself.


Be sure the car is well ventilated. Not just cool, but with good air circulation any time you’re in it.


And, hard as it may be to do, don’t let him stick his head out the window. Flying debris or insects can cause eye and/or ear injuries.


Finally, if it’s a long trip, build in plenty of breaks. Your pooch will need to relieve himself, stretch and get a drink of water for the next leg of the journey.


So, next time you’re hopping into the car, don’t hesitate to take your furry friend along. Embrace the wagging tails, the floppy ears, and the endless enthusiasm as you embark on a journey of joy, love and friendship with your loyal canine co-pilot.



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